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"I don't bother so much about the others' songs. For instance, I don't give a damn about how 'Something' is doing in the charts -- I watch 'Come Together' (the flip side) because that's my song."

"I only ever asked two people to work with me as a partner. One was Paul McCartney and the other Yoko Ono. Paul and me were the Beatles."

"I've always thought there was this underlying thing in Paul's "Get Back." When we were in the studio recording it, every time he sang the line "Get back to where you once belonged," he'd look at Yoko."
John Lennon, 1980 interview with Playboy magazine

"The idea of being a rock and roll musician sort of suited my talents and mentality. The freedom was great, but then I found out I wasn't free. I'd got boxed in ...The whole Beatle thing is just beyond comprehension ... subconsciously I was crying for help."

"The writing of the Beatles, or John and Paul's contribution to the Beatles in the late sixties - had a kind of depth to it, a more mature, more intellectual approach. We were different people, we were older. We knew each other in all kinds of different ways than when we wrote together as teenagers and in our older twenties."

"...The f*ckin' fans tried to beat me into being a f*ckin' Beatle or an Engelbert Humperdinck, and the critics tried to beat me into being Paul McCartney."

"I don't miss it. I'm glad it happened, but I don't miss it."

“The dream is over. I gotta get down to reality. The good old days is garbage.”

"My life with the Beatles had become a trap… I always remember to thank Jesus for the end of my touring days; if I hadn't said that the Beatles were 'bigger than Jesus' and upset the very Christian Ku Klux Klan, well, Lord, I might still be up there with all the other performing fleas! God bless America. Thank you, Jesus."

"What would you suggest I do? Give everything away and walk the streets? The Buddhist says, "Get rid of the possessions of the mind." Walking away from all the money would not accomplish that. It's like the Beatles. I couldn't walk away from the Beatles. That's one possession that's still tagging along, right?"

"It's just natural, it's not a great disaster. People keep talking about it like it's The End of The Earth. It's only a rock group that split up, it's nothing important. You know, you have all the old records there if you want to reminisce."

"I didn't leave the Beatles. The Beatles have left the Beatles, but no one wants to be the one to say the party's over."

Question: "How would you trace the breakup of the Beatles?"
John Lennon: "After Brian died, we collapsed. Paul took over and supposedly led us. But what is leading us, when we went round in circles? We broke up then. That was the disintegration."

"My original idea for the cover was better - decapitate Paul - but he wouldn't go along with it."
John talking about the "butcher cover" for the album Yesterday... and Today

"We thought being offered the M.B.E. [Member of the Order of the British Empire] was as funny as everybody else thought it was. Why? What for? We didn't believe it. It was a part we didn't want. We all met and agreed it was daft."

"We were always going to dump him when we found a decent drummer."
John Lennon about Pete Best

"We were cowards when we sacked him."
John Lennon about Pete Best

Reporter: "Can we look foward to any more Beatle movies?"
John Lennon: "Well, there'll be many more but I'm not sure whether you can look foward to them or not."

Reporter: "Why does it (your music) excite them (the fans) so much?"
John Lennon: "If we knew we'd form another group and be managers."

Interviewer: "Is Ringo the best drummer in the world?"
John Lennon: "Ringo isn't even the best drummer in The Beatles"

"Without Jimmy Dean, the Beatles never would have existed."

"If The Beatles or the 60's had a message, it was 'Learn to swim. And once you've learned - swim!"

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The Beatles posing in front of Ringo's drums
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